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At Home Learning Days


On our At Home Learning Days, your student will be continuing to work on mathematics. This may look different week to week, depending on content and assignments.  If you are unsure of what your child should be doing on a particular day, please have them share their Google Classroom.  This is where the daily expectations will be stated.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your student’s teacher.  


When a child is participating in At Home Learning, they must sign in with their first period class for attendance purposes.  This must occur between 7:20-7:30.If they sign in after 7:30, they will be considered late. The forms are timestamped, so that we will know the exact time your student signs in.  If they do not sign in, they will be marked absent and you will receive a robocall letting you know. Each first period teacher will explain the process to your child.  For students who have mathematics 1st period, there will be a link provided in Google Classroom.  If you have any questions, email your child’s first period teacher.  Mrs. Diane Lutz is the attendance secretary to whom you will call (440-233-6313) or email ([email protected]) with doctor/court/sick day notes.

Wednesday of At Home Learning:  

On Wednesday, your student must sign in between 7:20-7:30 for attendance and may be required to meet with their teacher during their class time via Google Meet (the same time they would physically be in the classroom on in-person learning days).  

How will my child know if they need to attend a Google Meet?  Students will login in for attendance and then should go to Google Classroom under Classwork to see if they need to attend a Google Meet during their math class. If required by the teacher, they must attend the Google Meet during their regular class time.

Each week may look different depending on content, assignments or projects. Possible activities that may occur during required Wednesday meetings:  reviewing homework, addressing any questions/concerns over content, learning new material, team building or reinforcement/enrichment activities.  Google Meet may not be required every Wednesday and may be required for different students, but students will have the option to reach out during their class period via Google Meet/hangout/email for support. If not working live, students may be working on a practice set of problems, working on IXL skills based on the student’s specific needs, creating projects, watching videos on the next math standard or enrichment/review activities.

***Keep in mind all classes will be using Wednesday differently, so if you are not sure what is supposed to be happening, have your child check Google Classroom or contact your student’s teacher. Communication will be key to our success this year!

At Home Learning on other days (Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday, depending on group):   You student must sign in between 7:20-7:30 for attendance.  Your student will be continuing with their studies in mathematics.  These days are not live instruction. Teachers will not be available for Google Meet because they will be physically teaching in school to the other group.  Each day, the student will check Google Classroom to see what the expectation is for the day.  They need to be conscious of the due dates for all assigned work. Some work may be due that day.  Students are expected to work on the assignment and submit work when necessary. Students may be required to watch videos on content. If a student has questions on these days, email will be the appropriate mode of communication.  Teachers will respond when available to do so (please remember that teachers will be physically teaching the other group). 

Suggestions for At Home Learning:

Start this new adventure with a positive attitude.

Get on a schedule.  If possible, continue with your school schedule when working at home.

Create a workspace with necessary materials.

Try to create a quiet environment.

If needed, set an alarm for Wednesday classes that are required to meet in-person.

Get up and move around between classes.

Take a lunch break and a stress break, when needed.

COMMUNICATE with your teachers/staff.

Set an alarm for classes that require a Google Meet on Wednesday.

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